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2011 Commercial Landscaping News

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Hoffman Landscape is a Commercial Landscape Company serving Racine, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Kenosha and Washington County.

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March: Hoffman Landscape received DBE Certification from Milwaukee County.The DBE program goal is to increase participation of firms owned by disadvantaged individuals in all federal and state transportation facility contracts.
April: Hoffman Landscape is awarded erosion control and restoration services (hydroseeding) at Durham Drive Reconstruction Project, funded by City of Muskego.

CW Purpero is a General Contractor on the project. Please see photos.
May: Hoffman Landscape was awarded erosion control, turf restoration and signage installation at Oak Leaf Trail Replacement Project. This project had a goal of 20% DBE subcontractor participation and was funded by Milwaukee County Department of Transportation and PublicWorks.

Please see project photos and read more in Oak Leaf Project Description.
June: Hoffman Landscape was awarded the Erosion Control Services to include silt fence installation and seeding with erosion control blanket at Bender Park Dredging Project in Oak Creek, WI, funded by Milwaukee County.

Merryman Excavation was a General Contractor. Please see more photos and read more in Bender Park Project Description.
July: Hoffman Landscape received a phone call from Kemron Environmental Services, a company from Atlanta, GA, specializing in environmental cleanup services. We were contracted to perform hydroseeding services at “Moss American” site in Milwaukee WI. This location was determined to have some contaminated soils, which needed some restoration work after their removal.

Please read more in Moss American Project Description about the project.
August: Jefferson Flood Berm Addition project in Jefferson and funded by City of Jefferson. This project was led by Gilbank Construction and had some DBE participation goals and we successfully met with our DBE Certification. We’ve completed erosion controland restoration services as per plan.
September: Merryman Excavation subcontracted Hoffman Landscape to install native seed mixes along the trails in Riverside Park. This project was again funded by Milwaukee County and had a DBE participation goal of 25%.

See photos
October: We were awarded landscape installation project at the new facility that is being constructed for Racine based manufacturing company RMF.

Please see photos. Come back in Spring of 2012 to see the completed landscape.
November: Hoffman Landscape was awarded the erosion control services, native restoration, seeding and hydroseeding at Ryan Creek Interceptor Contracts 3 and 4. Read more about the project @ City of Franklin web site. This project is being funded by Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District and City of Franklin.

See construction photos

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