Green Roofs, Milwaukee

Green Roofs

A green roof system is an extension of the existing roof which involves a high quality water proofing and root repellant system, a drainage system, filter cloth, a lightweight growing medium and plants. Green roof systems may be modular, with drainage layers, filter cloth, growing media and plants already prepared in movable, interlocking grids, or, each component of the system may be installed separately.

Green Roofs, Milwaukee Green roof development involves the creation of "contained" green space on top of a human-made structure. This green space could be below, at or above grade, but in all cases the plants are not planted in the "ground'. Green roofs can provide a wide range of public and private benefits:
  • Help manage storm water run off
  • Protect the roof
  • Heat Island mitigation
  • Provide sound insulation
  • Filter population
  • Provide habitat to humans and other animals

LEED FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION AND MAJOR RENOVATIONS Credit 7.1 and 7.2: Protect Heat Island Effect, roof and non-roof (1-2 points)

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